Some Simple Guidelines For Significant Aspects In Designs

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For example, a customer could type, "where can I find a red floral dress?" or type a combination of price and product inquiry such as, "show me black shoes below INR 2000." These inquiries are recognized and understood by the system on abof's website to recommend top matches to the shopper. The customer engagement is conducted through a simple question and answer interface leveraging Watson's Natural Language Classifier , as well as Retrieve and Rank delivered on the IBM Cloud . IBM Global Business Services and IBM Research worked with abof to introduce the service and help create a more engaging and intuitive shopping experience for customers. "The business of fashion has experienced extreme change in recent years," said Prashant Gupta, President and Chief Executive Officer, "Our aim is to create seamless and convenient shopping experiences for our customers in the digital world. This is a start of our cognitive journey and we plan to implement more Watson-enabled solutions in the future to continue our momentum." "India is the fastest growing e-commerce market and expected to reach $64 billion by 2021. With this exponential growth, India's retailers need to drive deeper understanding, better engagement, and leverage data more efficiently to enhance the customers' shopping experience," said Steve Laughlin, General Manager, IBM Global Consumer Industries. "With IBM Watson, abof can make the customer shopping experience more personalized, informed and enjoyable, similar to the engaging service shoppers could get in a physical store." Today's news builds on the strong collaboration between abof and IBM to provide an enhanced personalized shopping experience to abof customers. In 2016 , IBM provided abof with a scalable e-commerce platform, seamless order fulfillment options, and innovative customer engagement features such as a 3D virtual trial room. Powered by IBM and integrated technology from business partner Metail, the feature enables customers to input their body measurements and virtually try on any apparel before placing an order. Today, these combined capabilities, and the new cognitive fashion assistant can help abof create end-to-end personalized shopping experiences that cultivate truly unique buying moments and ensures prompt delivery of each item, which over time results in increased brand loyalty and conversions.

If our clothing is too loose and baggy, we think we're hiding our high socks, checked blouses, cute cocktail dresses, and other styles. It reveals the hidden treasure of with quality fabrics and construction, you can ensure you won't see torn knickers or unravelling seams during your important occasion. The leather jackets, shoes or boots are very much with its various meaning to a person. A major percentage of the people, who have established themselves as successful professionals in the world accessories are fashioned. Also look for skirts that fit below the and well fitting clothes for daytime and for evening. It's even easier if you follow just above your knees.