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Not only is it an abbreviated week,spanning just five days (plus one day of introductory parties), but the designers on the calendar are more experimental overall, from the set design to the clothing on display. Intricacy was key this season, as seen by Mary Katrantzou s Disney scenes, replicated in a dizzying display of beading and handwork. Burberry s lace concoctions, which are available to purchase now, had a similar vertiginous effect thanks to the delicate handiwork. Erdem , Peter Pilotto and Christopher Kane eachdelivered their personal take on delightfully busy prints, from a modern day rose garden to a chaotic swirl of patchwork. And the outerwear delivered, too. J.W.Anderson offered up atake on the super cropped moto jacket while Versus Versace stayed on-trend with a bold pink puffer. Our favorite jacket was the decidedlyfuzzy knit iteration from Pringle of Scotland, which featured extra-large buttons and super-sized sleeves. Click through to see the rest of the looks from London Fashion Week that stole our hearts.

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