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This is the dopest thing ever, he said. I never thought it was going to be just a fad. He grew up to excel in hip hop and dance music, with C+C Music Factory garnering a total of 35 music industry awards, including five American Music Awards, five Billboard Awards, two MTV awards, as well as several Grammy Award nominations. After breaking from the C+C Music Factory group in the early 90s, Williams legally trademarked the groups name and has been performing under the moniker since. Hip hop culture Although Williams admitted that he continues to perform in part to support his family, he primarily connects to hip hop as a genre because he gets it. I get it from a social perspective, I get it from a concert perspective, I get it from a black music perspective, he said. We create things from nothing. Blues came from the father of rock n roll and country. Blues was just poor people sitting on their porches in Georgia and Mississippi with the washboard to dry out their clothes, a big jug and a guitar made out of a shoebox. Williams said he played trombone and flute in grade school, but when the funding for music was cut, he was at a loss. Instead of carrying a trombone to the park to perform with people, he turned to the microphone to rap. Hip hop is the CNN of our people, of the black community, of the poor community, Williams added.


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